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TRICONEX TRICON 3706A Analog Input Module

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Part Number:3706A
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Warranty :12 months
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TRICONEX TRICON 3706A Analog Input Module Differential Thermocouple TMR 32 points

Chassis and MountingSpecificationsThe Tricon system can be rackmounted or panel-mounted in anindustry-standard NEMA enclosure asdescribed on the next page. Cabinetscan optionally be equipped with baseand casters. Multiple cabinets can bebolted together on the sides, but sufficient clearance must be allowed to fullyopen their front and rear doors. Slot CoversAll unused slots in a chassis should befilled with Blank I/O Slot Panels(Model 8105) to maintain proper airflow.Heat ManagementWhen mounting Tricon chassis intovented or non-vented enclosures, the  integration engineer must make provisions for sufficient heat management.Triconex recommends the installationof baffles (Triconex part number2000361-001), as shown on page 23.For temperatures above 122° F (50° C),other heat management provisionsmust be implemented, such as:• Louvers and pagoda top• Enlarged front and rear louvers withraised pagoda top• Lower density filters• Redundant fans (running all thetime) with appropriate louvers andpagoda top• Failure detection circuitry

Mounting Tricon Chassis in EnclosuresTriconex will mount Tricon chassis in any of the industry-standard enclosures listed below. (Please contact Triconex regardingother enclosures, available for additional engineering and documentation charges.) See page 14 for a photograph of Triconchassis and terminations mounted in a sample enclosure.

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Contact information:

Company Name: Shenzhen Changxin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact Name: Anne

Telephone: +86 13328779317

WeChat: 13328779317

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