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TRICONEX TRICON 3515 integrated pulse input module opto-isolated non-commoned TMR

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Part Number:3515
Condition :Brand New
Warranty :12 months
Telephone: +86 13328779317
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TRICONEX TRICON 3515 integrated pulse input module opto-isolated non-commoned TMR


MULTIPLEXER CONFIGURATION: Two independent 1×202-pole multiplexers. Banks can be connected together viarelay creating a single 1×40 multiplexer. Banks can be isolated from the backplane by relays. Card can be configuredfor common side Ohms measurement via backplane relays.Channel 41–42: Multiplex one of two 2-pole current signalsinto DMM.CONTACT CONFIGURATION: 2 pole form A.CONNECTOR TYPE: Two 50 pin male D-shells. Removablescrew terminal option.MAXIMUM SIGNAL LEVEL: Channels 1–40: 300V DC or RMS,2A switched (3A carry), 60W, 125VA maximum. Channels41–42: 60V DC or 30V RMS, 3A switched, 60W, 125VA maximum. Fused 3A, 250V RMS.COMMON MODE VOLTAGE: Channels 1–40: 300V DC or RMSbetween any terminal and chassis.VOLT-HERTZ LIMIT: 8×107.CONTACT LIFE: >105 operations at maximum signal level. >108operations no load.1Typical Scanning Speeds :Switch Only 4: Sequential scanning, single channel, immediate trigger advance: >120 ch/s.With Measurements Into Memory 5:DCV (10V range) or 2W Ohms (1kW range): >110 ch/sThermocouple: >110 ch/s.3- or 4-Wire RTD: >100 ch/s.4-Wire Ohms (1kW range): >100 ch/s.ACV (10V, 400Hz range) or ACI (1A, 400Hz range): >110 ch/s.

Contact information:

Company Name: Shenzhen Changxin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact Name: Anne

Telephone: +86 13328779317

WeChat: 13328779317


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