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Bently Nevada 128229-01 I/O Module 4 Channel Internal Barriers

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Brand name Bently Nevada

Model 128229-01

Condition NEW

Gross weight 1.5kg

Packing size 40*35*5cm

Payment Term T/T

Warranty 1 year

Courier Partner DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS

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Product Details:

The monitor channels are programmed in pairs and can perform up to two of the listed functions at a time.

For example, Channels 1 and 2 can perform one function while channels 3 and 4 perform another or the same function.

The 128229-01 Proximitor Seismic Monitor:

  • Protects machinery by continuously comparing

          monitored parameters against configured alarm setpoints to drive alarms.

  • Communicates essential machine information to both operations and maintenance personnel

The 128229-01 Proximitor Seismic Monitor is a four-channel monitor that accepts input from proximity and seismic transducers.It conditions the signal to provide vibration and position measurements and compares the conditioned signals with user-programmable alarms.

The 3500 system now meets the reliability requirements, and the results of process failure analysis can be used to better determine the desired configuration of the 3500, with various options including:

1. Standard system

2. Standard system with redundant power supply

3. TMR3500 frame with single sensor input (TMRI/O: bus system) and single end-stage element.

4. TMR3500 frame with single sensor input (TMRI/O: bus system) and TMR final-stage element.

5. TMR3500 frame with triple sensor input (TMRI/O: discrete) and single end-stage element.

6. TMR3500 frame with triple sensor input (TMR1/O: discrete) and TMR final element.

In order to operate as a TMR system, the 3500 monitoring system must have the following modules installed:

① A frame interface module of TMR type

(2) Two power supplies (if one of them is found to be faulty, the other power supply can automatically supply all power without interruption).

③ Two key phase modules in the same slot (if the key phase signal is required).

④ Two TMR relay modules in the same slot (if required)

⑤ Three monitor modules of the same type in adjacent slots.

⑥ 2 to 3 communication path modules in adjacent slots (if necessary for communication with peripherals).

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