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Bently Nevada 135137-01 Position Monitor Module

In stock

Brand name Bently Nevada

Model 135137-01

Condition NEW

Gross weight 1.5kg

Packing size 40*35*5cm

Payment Term T/T

Warranty 1 year

Courier Partner DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS

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Brand name Bently Nevada
Model 135137-01
Product ID 135137-01
Condition NEW
Gross weight 1.5kg
Packing size 40*35*5cm
Payment Term T/T
Warranty 1 year
Courier Partner DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx and EMS

Each channel, depending on configuration, typically conditions its input signal to generate various parameters called measured variables.

You can establish alert setpoints for each active measured variable and danger setpoints for any two of the active measured variables.

Part number :135137-01

Manufacturer: Bentley, Nevada

Series :3500

Product type: I/O module with internal terminal

Availability: In stock

Country of Manufacture: USA (USA)

Size: 241mm x 24.4mm x 99.1mm

Weight :0.44 kg

135137-01 is a positional I/O module with an internal terminal, the Biblator, RPT, or DC LVDT. It was designed and developed by Bentley Nevada. It is one of the 3500/45 monitoring systems

Parts. The position monitor is a 4-channel device that receives sensing from a rotary potentiometer, proximity sensor, DC linear variable differential transformer, AC linear variable differential transformer, and rotary position

Device (RPT) input.

135137-01 Function Description

The main function of the location monitor is to provide the following functions:

Protect the machine by continuously comparing monitoring parameters and predefined alarm setpoints to trigger alarms.

Essential machine knowledge for operation and maintenance personnel

135137-01 Functions

The Bently Nevada 3500/45 position monitor has four channels and can accept input from proximity sensors, rotary position sensors (RPT), and DC linear Variable differential transformers (AC LVDTs). Ac linearity

Input of a vatable transformer (AC LVDT) and rotary potentiometer.

The main function of the monitor is to protect your machine by continuously comparing monitored parameters and configured alarm Settings to drive alarms and collect critical machine information for operation and maintenance.

The monitor processes the input before comparing it to a user-programmable alert. The monitoring channels are programmed in pairs and can perform up to two of these functions at a time.

For example, channels 1 and 2 can perform one function, while channels 3 and 4 can perform the same or different functions.

Product attribute

4-channel module

Accepts proximity sensors, RPT, AC LVDTs, AC LVDT and rotary potentiometers as inputs.

Constantly compare monitoring parameters to protect the machine

Monitor critical machine data for operation and maintenance.


Dimensions (H W x D):241 mm x 24.4 mm x 99.1 mm

Weight :0.44 kg (0.96 lb.)

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