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Bentley 125720-01 3500 series monitoring relay module

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In summary, the 125720-01 module has powerful functions and characteristics in the field of industrial automation, which can meet a variety of complex and fine control needs, and provide a strong guarantee for the production safety and efficiency of enterprises.

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product description:

The main function of a relay module is to trigger the switching operation of another circuit when a signal change (usually a voltage or current change) occurs in one circuit. These modules are widely used in industrial automation and control applications in areas such as logic control, signal transmission, and equipment protection.

Specifically for the BENTLEY 125720-01 relay module, it may have different specifications, characteristics, and applications, such as:

Industrial automation: Relay modules can be used in industrial automation systems to achieve logical control, interlocking operations, and signal transmission between different devices.

Power system: In the power system, relay modules can be used to protect, monitor, and control circuits, such as overload protection, short circuit protection, etc.

Mechanical control: Relay modules can be used for the control and protection of mechanical equipment, such as motor start, stop, and reverse control.

Building automation: In building automation systems, relay modules can be used to control equipment such as lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning.

Security system: Relay modules can be used in security systems, such as fire alarms, safety door control, etc.

3500/15 127610-01 Bentley Nevada Probe Gap Adjustment

My question is about configuring gap voltage settings for the radial and axial probes of Bently Nevada probes directly connected to MKV and MKVI panels without the Bentley Nevada monitoring system. On which pages can we see the gap voltage settings for radial and axial probes?.

What are the advantages of directly connecting Bentley probes to MKV and MKVI panels without using Bentley Nevada monitoring panels.

The optimal connection point for Bentley Nevada proximity probes depends on whether your turbine is a gas or steam turbine.

For GE gas turbines, Bently Nevada probes are used for monitoring and alarm purposes rather than trip protection (seismic probes are used for protection), so the best practice is to connect the probe (proximity) to the Bently Nevada monitor. The analog output of the monitor is connected to the Mark V or Mark VI control for indication on the turbine control display and recording in the Historian (if applicable).

For GE turbines, Bentley Nevada probes are used for protection and should be directly connected to the Mark VI turbine control; I believe this also applies to Mark V, but it has been some time since I participated in the Mark V project. Then, the turbine controller repeatedly sends the signal to the Bentley Nevada monitor.

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