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BENTLY 330180-X1-05 preprocessor module in stock

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Item NO.: 330180-X1-05

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product description:

The 330180-X1-05 preprocessor module from Bently (now part of GE) is a device that is widely used in industrial applications. The following are the details and features of the preprocessor module:

Product Overview:
Model: 330180-X1-05
Brand: Bently Nevada (now part of GE)
Application: The preprocessor module is mainly used in the core part of the monitoring and protection system, especially in the chemical industry, petroleum, transportation, printing and packaging, textile leather and other industries are widely used.
Main features and parameters:
Robust and reliable: Robust design, able to maintain stable performance in harsh environments.
Size and weight: Size 8125cm, weight 0.21kg, easy to install and transport.
Power requirements: When there is no safety grid, the requirement is -17.5Vdc to -26Vdc, and the current is 12mA.
Operating temperature: The probe operating temperature range is -52°C to 177°C (standard probe) and -52°C to 218°C (high-temperature probe). The extension cable and preprocessor also have a corresponding temperature operating range.
Linear range and sensitivity: The linear range is 2mm and the sensitivity is 7.87V/mm (200mV/mil).
Frequency response: 0-10kHz, suitable for all kinds of mechanical vibration and speed measurement.
Interchangeability: All 3300 XL 8 mm proximity sensor systems support full interchangeability of probe, extension cable and displacement detector sensors without the need to match or bench calibrate individual components.

It is mainly used for real-time monitoring and protection of shaft vibration, shaft displacement, key phase and speed of rotating machinery such as steam turbine, compressor and pump.
It can be widely used in power plants, oil refineries, chemical plants, iron and steel plants, water pump plants, wind turbines and other industries.


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