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BENTLY 3500/91 Vibration monitoring instrument

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product description:

The BENTLY 3500/91 Vibration monitoring instrument is a powerful device for mechanical vibration monitoring in industrial automation and process control. The following are the details and features of the instrument:

High reliability:
The BENTLY 3500/91 vibration monitoring instrument is highly reliable and stable, capable of operating under harsh environmental conditions and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
The system incorporates a variety of self-monitoring functions that identify faults in the monitor module and the sensors connected to it, and issue and confirm faults with the corresponding error codes.
Powerful data processing and storage capabilities:
The instrument has powerful data processing capabilities and can process a variety of complex data and algorithms to provide accurate information about the state of the machine.
It also has powerful data storage capabilities and can store a large amount of vibration data for subsequent analysis and processing.
The BENTLY 3500/91 system features a variety of interfaces and protocols that allow communication and control with many different types of devices and systems.
The system supports the Ethernet Global Data (EGD) communication gateway function and can be integrated with EGD protocol-compatible controllers, such as GE Mark* VIe controllers.

High performance:
The BENTLY 3500/91 vibration monitoring instrument features high performance, real-time monitoring of mechanical vibration and provides accurate vibration data.
It is also highly integrated and fault-tolerant, and can be configured with multiple redundancy levels to ensure that no false or missed trips due to electronic failure or human error are allowed under any circumstances.
Installation and configuration:
The system is designed to be mounted on or near the machine’s sliding bottom plate, or on a local control panel for shorter cables and lower connection costs.
The system offers internal and external terminal options that allow field connections to be connected directly to the external terminal block, improving the congestion associated with the back of each monitor module.
To sum up, the BENTLY 3500/91 vibration monitoring instrument is a powerful, reliable, flexible, scalable and easy to use industrial automation and process control device, featuring powerful data processing and storage capabilities, high reliability and flexibility, as well as good scalability and user-friendly design.


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