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XVME-100 DMA controller chip 32-bit DMA transmission

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The XVME-100’s functions and features vary by manufacturer and specific model, but based on its common nature as an embedded computer board or module, I can offer some general speculations.


High Performance Computing: The XVME-100 is equipped with a high-performance processor and enough memory to support complex data processing, algorithmic operations, and real-time control requirements.

Rich interface: The device provides a variety of I/O interfaces, such as serial interface, Ethernet interface, USB interface, etc., to facilitate the connection and data exchange with other devices, sensors and actuators.

Operating system support: XVME-100 supports a variety of operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, etc. Users can choose the appropriate operating system based on requirements for development and deployment.

Extensibility: The device has expansion slots or interfaces that allow users to add additional functional modules or expansion cards as needed, enhancing its functionality and flexibility.


High stability: XVME-100 is rigorously tested and validated to ensure stable operation in harsh industrial environments, reducing failures and downtime.

Low power consumption: Considering the nature of embedded applications, the device is designed with low power consumption to reduce energy consumption and heat generation.

Compact design: To accommodate a compact installation space, the XVME-100 is miniaturized for easy integration into a variety of systems.

Easy integration: The device provides standardized interfaces and protocols to facilitate integration with other systems and equipment, reducing the difficulty and cost of development.


• 32-bit DMA transfer

• HSD compatibility

• IBL compatibility

• Used as an HSD slave or HSD host (revised F-board)

• It can also be used as an IBL high-priority interface or an IBL low-priority interface

• Two board groups can serve as VME to VME links

• Compatible

VMEbus (IEEE P1014) • Programmable interrupt vectors and levels

• Programmable VMEbus address modifiers

• Fault indicator light

• Switch optional board address

• On-board register addressing using VME short I/O address space

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