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XVME-957 dual-height dual-board processor module

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Based on the XVME-957 25 MHz processor module
Intel XVME-957 cache controller
Dual port RAM
8K x 32-bit cache
The XVME-957 XVME-683 is a dual-high dual-board processor module based on the 80386, running at a clock speed of 25 MHz.

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The XVME-957 dual-height dual-board processor module is a highly integrated and powerful solution designed for VMEbus-based systems. This module offers the advantage of housing two processor boards in a single VMEbus slot, providing a dense and efficient computing platform.

The XVME-957 is typically populated with two XVME-653 Pentium processor boards, each with its own set of features and capabilities. Each board sports an Intel Pentium processor, allowing for dual-processor configurations that significantly enhance overall system performance. The boards also include a variety of I/O interfaces, such as PCI graphics, EIDE, Ethernet controllers, USB ports, and serial and parallel ports, ensuring robust connectivity and expandability.

The dual-height design of the XVME-957 allows for increased cooling efficiency, ensuring stable and reliable operation even under high-performance workloads. Additionally, the module’s modular construction allows for easy maintenance and upgrades, making it a flexible and future-proof solution.

The XVME-957 is an excellent choice for VMEbus-based systems that require high-performance computing capabilities and dense packaging. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, including industrial automation, control systems, and other demanding computing environments. By leveraging the power of dual Pentium processors and a comprehensive set of I/O interfaces, the XVME-957 can significantly enhance the performance and capabilities of VMEbus-based systems.

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