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XVME-428/1 Embedded computer board card

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Item No.XVME-428
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functional description:

As an embedded computer board or controller, XVME-428/1 may have a wide range of applications in many industrial fields. Specifically, it is most commonly used in the following industrial sectors:

Industrial automation: In the field of industrial automation, XVME-428/1 can achieve precise control of various equipment on the production line, improving production efficiency and product quality. For example, it can be used to control the movements of robots, monitor the operating status of production lines, and automate the adjustment and optimization of production processes.

Industrial Test and measurement: In the field of industrial test and measurement, XVME-428/1 is used for the control and data acquisition of various test equipment. It can handle complex test algorithms, record and analyze test data in real time, and help engineers quickly and accurately evaluate product performance and reliability.

Industrial control systems: In the field of industrial control systems, XVME-428/1, as the core control unit, is responsible for the monitoring and scheduling of the entire system. It can receive and process data from various sensors and actuators in real time, make decisions according to preset control logic, and issue corresponding control instructions.

Military and Aerospace: In the military and aerospace sector, XVME-428/1 is used in control systems for various military equipment and spacecraft. Due to its high performance and stability, it is able to meet the high requirements for control systems in the military and aerospace fields, ensuring the safe and successful execution of missions.


Eight individually programmable RS-232C or RS-422A serial ports

10 MHz 68000 CPU

Xycom’s smart I/O kernel

Xycom’s interprocessor communication protocol

Onboard firmware for recording or character I/O

Programmable baud rate range: 50 to 19.2K baud

The Xycom XCME-428 Intelligent asynchronous serial communication module provides 8 serial ports for VMEbus systems and is compatible with RS-232C, RS-422A or TTL lines. XVME-428 contains Xycom’s 68000-based intelligent I/O kernel. This kernel performs many of the time-consuming tasks associated with serial I/O in conjunction with the onboard firmware, reducing the burden on the host processor to perform tasks.


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