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TRICONEX TRICON 5382 Analog Output High-Current TriPak 1

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Part Number:5382
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Warranty :12 months
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TRICONEX TRICON 5382 Analog Output High-Current TriPak 1

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Company Name: Shenzhen Changxin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact Name: Anne

Telephone: +86 13328779317

WeChat: 13328779317


Tricon CommunicationModuleThe Tricon Communication Module(TCM), which is compatible with onlyTricon v10.0 and later systems, allowsthe Tricon to communicate with TriStation 1131, other Tricon or Tridentcontrollers, Modbus master and slavedevices, and external hosts overEthernet networks.Each TCM contains four serial ports,two network ports, and one debug port(for Triconex use).Each serial port is uniquely addressedand can be configured as a Modbusmaster or slave. Serial Port #1 supportseither the Modbus or the Trimble GPSinterface. Serial Port #4 supports eitherthe Modbus or the TriStation interface.Each TCM supports an aggregate datarate of 460.8 kilobits per second, for allfour serial ports.Any standard Modbus device cancommunicate with the Tricon throughthe TCM, provided that aliases areassigned to the Tricon variables. Aliasnumbers must also be used when host

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