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TRICONEX 4000188-320 Redundant fault-tolerant control system

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Model Number:4000188-320


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The 4000188-320 8312 TRICONEX Power Supply Module is a high-performance power supply device designed for industrial automation, petrochemicals, natural gas and more. It uses advanced switching power supply technology with efficient, stable and reliable performance to ensure the normal operation of the system and protect the equipment from power failure. With high redundancy and security, the power module provides an uninterrupted power supply to meet the different needs in a variety of industrial environments.

In addition, the 4000188-320 8312 TRICONEX Power Supply Module supports a variety of communication protocols, such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, etc., to facilitate communication with other devices. Its long life and high reliability also make it excellent in a variety of industrial applications, such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power energy and other fields.

In terms of function, the power module is mainly used for voltage conversion, which can convert AC or direct current into the required AC or direct current to meet the power supply needs of different equipment. At the same time, as one of the Trident series SIS modules, it also has eight channel numbers, supporting analog and digital inputs and outputs, which can be used to collect field signals and output control signals.

Overall, the 4000188-320 TRICONEX Power Supply Module is a full-featured, high-performance power supply device that can meet a wide range of complex industrial automation needs. For more information about this product, it is recommended to contact Invensys Triconex’s official customer service or refer to the relevant technical manual.

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