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TRICONEX 3721 Dual digital output module

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Manufacturer :Triconex
Product model: 3664
Product type: Communication module
Nominal input voltage :24v DC
Input power interruption time from nominal value: maximum 1ms
Repetition rate: at least 1 second
Specified operating voltage range :24v DC-15% or +20% + 5% AC ripple (19.2 ~ 30v DC)
Size (length x width x height), about :22 cm x 16.9cm x 4.4 cm
Weight :5kg
Shipping weight: 7.5Kg


Product Details:

  • Manufacturer : Triconex
  • Product No. : 3721
  • Product type : Analog Input Module
  • Voltage : 0 to 5 VDC or -5 to +5 VDC1, + 6%
  • No. of Input Points : 32 differential, DC-coupled
  • Input Update Rate : 10 ms
  • Resolution : 12 bits or 14 bits programmable
  • Accuracy : < 0.15% of FSR from 0° to 60° C
  • Common Mode Rejection : -85 dB (DC – 100 Hz)
  • Input Overrange Protection : 150 VDC/115 VAC continuous
  • The TRICONEX 3721 is a dual digital output module designed for industrial process safety systems in the oil, gas, chemical and other industries. With high reliability and safety, the module is designed to provide highly reliable safety control and emergency shutdown functions. Here are some of the main features and functions of the TRICONEX 3721module:Dual digital output: The TRICONEX 3721module has two digital output channels that enable the output of digital signals to ensure the precise execution of system control operations.High reliability: Since TRICONEX systems are known for their high reliability and safety, the 3664 module also carries this characteristic and is designed to provide reliable output functionality in safety-critical applications.

    Hardware fault detection and self-diagnosis: TRICONEX 3721 modules are typically equipped with hardware fault detection and self-diagnosis capabilities. These features help improve the automation and maintainability of the system, allowing users to quickly identify and resolve potential problems.

    TMR Architecture: The TRICONEX system uses Triple Module redundancy (TMR) architecture. This means that even if one module, such as the 3721 module, fails, the entire system continues to operate, ensuring continuity and safety in the production process.

    In summary, the TRICONEX 3721 dual digital output module is a reliable device designed for industrial safety control. Its high reliability, dual digital output function and TMR architecture make it have a wide range of applications in the field of industrial process control.

  • BA ibaFOB-4i-S CS513 URRHH IS220YDIAS1A SCXI-1163   NI
    SCHUMACHER ATCS-15 1464-0320 CSH01     RexroTh HONEYWELL    05701-A-0325 IS230TVBAH2A SCXI-1180  NI
    TRICONEX 3511 Research  CSH01 HONEYWELL   05701-A-0326 IS420UCSBH4A SCXI-1193  NI
    EMERSON  1C31203G01 KEBA CU312 HONEYWELL   05701-A-0330 IW93 HESG440356R1 SCXI-1300   NI
    ENTERASYS    A4H124-24TX  P0973JM KEBA  CU313 HONEYWELL  05701-A-0361 jdsu 2213-75TSLKTB SCXI-1302  NI
    HONEYWELL  CC-IP0101 CV2000-CPU01-EV1   PLC 05701-A-0511 YOKOGAWA  JGSM-06 SCXI-1303  NI
    ABB   CI857K01  3BSE018144R1 YASKAWA CVSR-404H HONEYWELL   05701-B-0376 JGSM-06 73051-00060 -1    YOKOGAWA SCXI-1313A  NI
    ABB   CI570  3BSE001440R1 CX312B6  plc EX2100   OEL KJ3204X1-BA1 12P3275X032 KJ4001X1-CJ1 VE4002S1T2B5 SCXI-1320   NI
      FBM230  P0926GU BECKHOFF CX1020-0000 IC752SPL013-BA KJ3241X1-BK1 12P4710X032 SE4006P2 SCXI-1326  NI
    ABB   PCD232A 3BHE022293R0101 CX1020-N000  CX1020-0011   BECKHOFF IS200DSPXH1DBC KOKUSAI CXP-544A KOMS-A2 SCXI-1327  NI
    ABB   PFEA113 Beckhoff    CX1020N000 IS200DSPXH1DBD KJ3242X1-BK1 12P4711X052 SCXI-1338   NI

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