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TRICONEX 3008 processor module

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TRICONEX 3008 Central processing unit

TRICONEX 3008 Processor Module Component Main Processor PROC 3008

Microprocessor MOTOROLA MPC860, 32-bit, 50 MHz memory 16 MB DRAM (non-battery backup) • 32 KB SRAM, Backup battery • 6 MB Flash PROM Tribus Communication rate 25 megabits per second • 32-bit CRC protection • 32-bit DMA, fully isolated I/O bus and communication bus processor • MOTOROLA MPC860 • 32-Bit • 50 MHz Manufacturer: TRICONEX, Made in USA

TRICONEX 3008 Processor module components Main process triconex 3008

Model 3008 Main Processor (MP) Invensys


Product:TRICONEX Invensys 3008

Main Processor Architecture Tricon v9.6 and later systems

Model 3008 Main Processors (MP) are available for Tricon v9.6 and later systems. For detailed specifications, see the Planning and Installation Guide for Tricon Systems. Three MPs must be installed in the Main Chassis of every Tricon system. Each MP independently communicates with its I/O subsystem and executes the user-written control program.

During each scan, the MPs inspect designated discrete variables for state changes known as events. When an event occurs, the MPs save the current variable state and time stamp in the buffer of an SOE block.

If multiple Tricon systems are connected by means of NCMs, the time synchronization capability ensures a consistent time base for effective SOE time-stamping.


Motorola MPC860, 32 bit, 50 MHz


• 16 MB DRAM (non-battery backed-up) • 32 KB SRAM, battery backed-up • 6 MB Flash PROM

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