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TRICONEX 3625C1 I/O module supports Ethernet supply main boxes

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Product details:
Physical Description of Model 3625C1 Main Processors
Feature Description
Microprocessor Motorola MPC860, 32 bit, 50 MHzMemory
●16 MB DRAM (non-battery backed-up)
●32 KB SRAM, battery backed-up
●6 MB Flash PROM
Tribus Communication Rate●25 megabits per second
●32-bit CRC protected
. 32-bit DMA, fully isolated
I/0 Bus and Communication Bus Processors
. Motorola MPC860
●32 bit
●50 MHz


The TRICONEX 3625C1 is a digital output module designed for industrial control systems to provide accurate and reliable digital output signals. The module is part of the TRICONEX family and inherits the high quality and strong performance characteristic of the family.

Here are some of the key features and benefits of the TRICONEX 3625C1:

High quality and reliable performance: The TRICONEX 3625C1 is known for its high quality and reliable performance. Whether in harsh industrial environments or long operating conditions, it can maintain stable and accurate output to ensure reliable operation of the control system.

Multiple digital output channels: The module has multiple digital output channels, which can simultaneously process multiple output signals, improving the flexibility and efficiency of the control system.

Triconex Control System compatibility: The TRICONEX 3625C1 is perfectly compatible with the Triconex control system and can be seamlessly integrated into existing control systems for easy expansion and upgrade.

Robust construction: Considering the complexity of the industrial environment, the TRICONEX 3625C1 features a robust design with excellent anti-jamming capability and durability to maintain normal operation under harsh conditions.

In summary, the TRICONEX 3625C1 is a powerful and stable digital output module for a wide range of industrial control applications. Whether it is used to monitor the operating status of the production line or to control the action of the equipment, it can provide accurate and reliable output signals to provide strong support for industrial automation.

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