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PROSOFT SST-PB3-SLC Indicates the communication module

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The SST-PB3-SLCSlave Station Communication Network interface module is an InRAx-manufactured interface device developed to allow Controllogix-enabled processors to connect to PROFIBUS DP master station devices. The SST-PB3-SLC is supported by the PROFIBUS VO slave implementation, which significantly improves the speed and quality of data transfer between connected ControlLogix processors and modules. The SST-PB3-SLC has a user-configurable data mapping function. With the DP operating port, the SST-PB3-SLC interface module is easy to use. For easier interface with the PC, the SST-PB3-SLC has a configuration/debug serial port for various operations such as status checking, monitoring and configuration, and troubleshooting. A serial cable for this purpose is supplied with the module at the factory.


The PROSOFT SST-PB3-SLC is a slot-type communication module for the Rockwell SLC500 platform. It supports Profibus-DP master and slave modes, which makes it have important application value in industrial automation system. By using this communication module, users can easily realize the connection and communication with Profibus-DP network, so as to realize the transmission and control of data.

However, for more detailed information about PROSOFT SST-PB3-SLC, such as specific technical specifications, performance parameters, application scenarios, etc., it may be necessary to refer to the relevant product manual or contact the supplier for more accurate information. In addition, as the technology is constantly evolving and updated, it is recommended to verify the latest version and compatibility of the module before purchasing or using it to ensure that the specific application needs are met.

Overall, the PROSOFT SST-PB3-SLC is a powerful communication module for industrial automation environments that require Profibus-DP communication. It helps to improve the integration and flexibility of the system, leading to more efficient industrial automation solutions.

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