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MVI56-PDPMVI platform compatible module

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MVI56-PDPMVI is a ControlLogix platform compatible module. This module is a Profibus DP V1 compatible module and is used as the main device in the Profibus network. The module was developed by Prosoft Technology, a Rockwell Automation partner company responsible for developing the Allen-Bradley PLC-compatible module.

The MVI56-PDPMVI has one (1) optically isolated RS485 port and supports the PROFIBUS DP Version 1 protocol. Up to 125 PROFIBUS slave devices can be connected to this port, which is also compatible with PPROFIBUS Repeaters. The module is capable of configuring up to 1536 cycle bytes and 1536 bytes of output, and supports extended diagnostic data.

Additional features supported by MVI56-PDPMV1 include alarm handling, sync and freeze commands, support for PROFIDrive version 3.1 parameter read and write operations, multicast and broadcast messages.

The MVI56-PDPMV1 has an embedded LED status indicator to describe the operating status of the module. These LED indicators include Ready, Run, Error, and Token indicators.

The MVI56-PDPMV1 PROFIBUS communication module is installed in the 1756 ControlLogix chassis. It occupies a single slot in the chassis and draws 800 mA@5VDC and 3 mA@24VDC of current from the backplane. It operates at 0°C to 60°C (32°F to 140°F) and stores at -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F). The module must be installed in a suitable housing with vibration of not more than 150 g in the range of 5 Hz to 10 Hz, shock at 30 g and relative humidity of 5 to 95 percent without condensation.

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The Allen-Bradley 1756-IB16 is ControlLogix I/O module. This 16-point DC input module, with 8 points per group, can be connected to a 1756 ControlLogix chassis. Using the RSLogix 5000 software, users can configure specific features of this module, such as a Change of State and Input Filter Times. The compatible removable terminal block housings, or RTB, are the 1756-TBNH 20 positions NEMA RTB and the 1756-TBSH 20 position spring clamp RTB. Note that before installation, users should have the compatible RTB on hand and that the 1756 chassis and power supply should be installed and grounded.

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