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MVI56E-MNETC-CC Master/slave enhanced network interface module

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The MVI56E communication module allows Modbus master and/or slave station connections from Rockwell Automation ® ControlLogix® processors to Modbus RTU/ASCII devices. Each MVI56E port can be configured as a master or slave port.

The MVI56E-MCM and MVI56E-MCMXT act as input/output modules on the ControlLogix backplane, allowing Modbus data to be displayed as I/O data in the processor. Two independently configurable serial ports can operate on the same or different Modbus networks. The MVI56E-MCM is designed for standard process applications, and the MVI56E-MCMXT is designed for the Logix-XT™ control platform, enabling it to operate in extreme environments. It can withstand higher operating temperatures and has a conformal coating to protect it from harsh or corrosive conditions.

The product offers conformal coating options.

MVI56E-MNETC-CC Protocol module of a network interface module Realize data collection, transmission and control  MVI56E-MNETC-CC is a protocol module for Siemens 3964R network interface module. It is designed for point-to-point communication between any ControlLogix processor, such as the 1756-L1, 1756-L1Mx, 1756-L55, or 1756-L6x, and any other device with the Siemens 3964R communication capability. The main function of this module is to support communication between devices. By using the MVI56E-MNETC-CC module, users can easily integrate devices on the ControlLogix platform for data acquisition, transmission, and control.
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