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XYCOM VMIVME-3100 Processor module

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functional description:

The VMIVME-3100 is a processor module. The module may be imported in its original package and has a range of functions and features to meet the needs of industrial automation and embedded computing applications.

The VMIVME-3100 board features eight 16-bit bidirectional design registers, control and status registers (CSR), and high-performance output drivers, typically

VMEbus basic logic and device address jumper group. Jumper Bank provides the user with the ability to select the base address of VMIVME-3100.

VMIVME-3100 is designed to support short-term or standard data transfers with supervised and/or unprivileged data access to I/O memory space. The jump shot is the I/O access type of choice. The VMIVME-3100 is configured in the factory to respond to short monitoring I/O visits.

3.3 VMEbus Basic Logic

Typical VMEbus basic logic consists of driver, receiver, and control logic. The DTACK generator is designed to provide high data transfer rates.

 The VMIVME-3100 12-bit analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) module is a medium-performance 12-bit ADC board designed to support 16 single-ended or 8 differential front panel analog inputs and a variety of multiplexer expansion boards. The multiplexer expansion board uses AMXbus to route the analog signal from the multiplexer input to the VMIVME-3100 ADC module. The VMIVME-3100 ADC module also has a built-in test function, and the front panel fault LED provides the user with fault detection and isolation.


Onboard built-in test logic for fault detection and isolation

Front panel fault indicator

12-bit resolution

Onboard precision voltage source

The user can choose one ADC per slot, or one ADC and slave multiplexer

9μmax conversion time

9 μSec acquisition time

16-channel single-ended multiplexer

8-channel differential input options

Special purpose multiplexer

Overvoltage protection input

Separately coded/keyed VME connectors

Here are some of the main functions and features of the VMIVME-3100:

VME to PCIe bridge: The VMIVME-3100 seamlessly transfers data from VMEbus systems to PCIe devices and vice versa. This enables it to connect the new generation of PCIe interface devices with traditional VMEbus systems, enabling flexible system expansion and upgrading.

High performance transmission: The board supports high-speed data transmission, providing low latency and high throughput data channels. This makes it suitable for application scenarios that require real-time data exchange and large amounts of data transfer.

Transparent transfer: The VMIVME-3100 implements transparent transfer between VMEbus and PCIe, which means that data is transferred between the two buses without additional format conversion or processing.

Multi-channel support: The VMIVME-3100 may support multiple PCIe channels, allowing multiple PCIe devices to be connected at the same time, improving the parallel processing capability and scalability of the system.

Reliability: The board may use high-quality components and a rigorously tested design to ensure reliable performance even in harsh industrial environments.

Easy integration: The VMIVME-3100 may provide a friendly interface and configuration tools that make it easy to integrate into existing VMEbus systems, reducing system development and maintenance costs.

Flexibility: The board may support a variety of configuration options to suit different system requirements and application scenarios.

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