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XYCOM VMIVME-5620 Encore HSD compliant HSD emulator

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functional description:

The VMIVME-5620 is an Encore HSD compliant HSD emulator implemented on dual Eurocards. Two flat 50-core cables with socket connectors at both ends connect the VMIVME-5620 to the Encore HSD/IBL interface or other HSD-compatible devices.

The VMIVME-5620 uses an integrated VMEbus interface (Cypress VIC068) and an on-board local bus with a processor and memory for interpreting the list of host based I/O control blocks (IOCBs) (IOCL). The VMEbus interface provides variable-width global memory access to the host, as well as interrupts to the host interrupt handler.

VMIVME-5620 can be used as both HSD master and HSD slave station. However, the design features of the VMIVME-5620 make it particularly effective as an HSD master to minimize host processor overhead.


High-performance HSD interface design

Execute commands from a list in memory

IBL compatibility: High priority or low priority

HSD external mode support

The following are the main functions and features of VMIVME-5620:

Multi-interface bridge: The VMIVME-5620 not only provides VMEbus interfaces, but also may support PCIe, SATA, USB and other modern interfaces. This enables it to connect a wide range of high-performance storage, networking, and I/O devices, which improves overall system performance.

High performance transmission: The board adopts advanced transmission technology to achieve high speed and low latency data transmission. Maintain efficient data flow from VMEbus to other interfaces and from other interfaces to VMEbus.

Flexible configuration: The VMIVME-5620 supports multiple configuration options. Users can adjust the board Settings based on actual requirements to meet different application scenarios. This flexibility allows it to adapt to a variety of complex system environments.

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