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XVME-420 embedded computer board card

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The XVME-420 is a 16-channel, 12-bit analog input/output (AIO) board. It provides the excitation and response functions encountered in closed-loop simulation systems based on VME bus. Analog signals are available through the P2 backplane connector. It is self-contained and has a resident 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital-to-analog converter (DAC). The board also supports built-in testing capabilities to check all active components on the board. The XVME-420 provides a single board solution to meet the analog input/output requirements of VME bus applications such as process control, simulators, trainers, and monitoring.


product details:

The XVME-420 is an embedded computer board or module commonly used in industrial automation, test and measurement, and military applications. Although I can’t provide details about the functions and features of a particular model XVME-420, based on its nature as an embedded computer board, I can give some possible features and features:


High Performance Computing: The XVME-420 may be equipped with a high-performance processor and enough memory to support complex computing tasks, real-time data analysis, and control requirements.

Data acquisition and processing: It may have data acquisition capabilities to collect, process and analyze data from sensors or other devices in real time.

Communication interface: In order to communicate with other devices and systems, XVME-420 may provide a variety of communication interfaces, such as serial interface, Ethernet interface, etc., in order to achieve data transmission and sharing.

Control function: Depending on the application requirements, the device may have a control function to send control instructions to the executive mechanism to achieve automatic control.


High stability and reliability: Considering the high stability requirements of application scenarios such as industrial automation, XVME-420 may be rigorously designed and tested to ensure stable operation in a variety of environments.

Low power consumption: To reduce energy consumption and operating costs, the device may be designed with low power consumption.

Modular design: XVME-420 may adopt a modular design, so that users can configure and expand according to specific requirements, improve the flexibility and adaptability of the device.

Compact appearance: In order to accommodate a variety of installation Spaces, the device may have a compact appearance design for easy integration into a variety of systems.

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