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Woodward EASYGEN-3200-5 8440-1992 A Controller panel key governor

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Item NO.:EASYGEN-3200-5 8440-1992 A
Product Origin:USA
Color:Brand New
Shipping Port:Shenzhen
Mode Of Transport: DHL/FEDEX/TNT/UPS
HS CODE: 8503900
Warranty: One Year Warranty
Product Origin: USA
Lead Time: 1-2 Days
Service: 24h Service By Email/Whatsapp/Skype/Wechat


Information about Woodward EASYGEN-3200-5 8440-1992 A is as follows:

Product Specifications and brand:
Specifications: EASYGEN-3200-5
Brand: Woodward
Product features:
High flexibility: easy to set up, flexible use.
Strong external anti-interference ability: isolated measurement input, relay output, analog output and communication channel enhance the external anti-interference ability of the system.
Powerful connectivity: Devices can be connected via Ethernet or USB, with online documentation and system updates, enhancing the maintainability of customer systems.
Complete protection function: with complete network, generator and engine protection function, no additional use of power detection protection relay.
Multi-language support: Built-in 14 languages, can cope with the use of various regions.
Concurrency and detection capability: Support up to 32 generator sets parallel to the grid, with shear peak, standby, AMF and other modes, can detect generator parameters, mains parameters and bus parameters.
Logic and simulation management: Through the internal logic management/analog management function to achieve the functions of external PLC, to meet the complex control requirements of customers.

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