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Woodward 5464-790 Governor module

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The 5464-790 is a Woodward governor that is typically used to control and regulate the speed of rotating equipment such as engines or turbines to keep it operating steadily within a predetermined range. The governor is a digital electronic governor with high precision and reliability, suitable for various industrial sectors such as power, oil and gas, manufacturing and aviation.

The main functions of the 5464-790 governor include monitoring and adjusting the speed of the rotating mechanical equipment to ensure its stable operation within the required operating range. It is often used with sensors and feedback devices to achieve precise control of the speed of the device. In addition, the governor also has a variety of protection functions, such as overload protection, short circuit protection and undervoltage protection, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.


Woodward MicroNet Digital Controller 5464-790 is a MicroNet Triple Modular Redundant (TMR) Plus Kernel P.S. module. The unit receives a power supply of 24 VDC. Module 5464-790 must be used with the TMR5200 CPU unit.

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