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New Woodward EM and LQ Digital Driver 8200-177

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8200-177 Features include:
Generator synchronization
Adjustable dynamics
Frequency, phase and optional voltage matching
Optional playing time
Automatic circuit breaker closes
Optional output impedance
The 8200-177 synchronizer is a combination mechanism of shifting gears.
The function of the synchronizer is to reach a consistent speed and smoothly engage the gears to be engaged. Synchronizer has normal pressure type, inertia type, self-strengthening type and other forms. At present, the inertia type synchronizer is widely used, which is mainly composed of joint sleeve, synchronous lock ring, etc., and is characterized by relying on friction
Wipe action to achieve synchronization. Inertia synchronizer is widely used in the transmission of cars and light and medium trucks, and the common structure form is lock ring.


product description:

Using the DIP software, the 8200-177 EM Digital Driver uses a sophisticated algorithm in order to cover a wide range of actuator load inertia and friction levels. This model is used in conjunction with other Woodward parts such as RS-485 connections and MicroNet control systems.

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