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TRICONEX TRICON 4119 Enhanced Smart Communication Card EICM

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Part Number:4119
Condition :Brand New
Warranty :12 months
Telephone: +86 13328779317
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TRICONEX TRICON 4119 Enhanced Smart Communication Card EICM

There are various types of I/O modules: analog, digital, and I/O modules that meet application requirements.
Enhanced intelligent communication module 4351B
Digital output module 3664
Digital output module 3604E
Digital output module 3625
Pulse input module 3511
Digital input module 3503E
Analog output module 3805E
Analog input module 3721
Remote RXM module 4211
Main RXM module 4210
Power module 8312 230VAC
TRICON system module 3511
TRICON system communication card TCM4351B
TRICON system card DO3625
TRICON system card DI3503E
TRICON system card MP3008
TRICON system card AO3805E
TRICON system card AI3721
PLC – * processor module MPC240 128MB
PLC Digital I/O Module DIO216
Expansion module FM211
Interface module EM203
Input/output module DIO280
Interface module RS204
Analog input module PTAI216
Power module NT255
Digital input/output module DIO16-C
Backboard module BS214
Digital input module DI232
Digital output module DO232
Fastbus module FS211/N
Main controller MPC270
SIS card AO connection card 9853-610
SIS card AI connection card 9771-210
SIS Card DO Connection Card 9662-610
SIS card DI connection card 9563-810
SIS card power card 8312
SIS card_ Power card, 220VAC model 8312
SIS Card Tricon 8312
SIS card DI card 3503E
SIS card_ DO card, model 3664 RevE6.0
SIS card AI card 3721
SIS card 3721
SIS card 3625
SIS system card 3625
SIS system card TRICONEX 3625
DO Digital Output Card 3625
SIS system DO card 3625 product
SIS system card 3721
SIS system AI card 3721
AI 3721 card
SIS Card DO Card 3664
I/O card DI3503E
SIS card digital input DI card 3503E
SIS system card 3503E
DI card 3503E TRICON
SIS system card 8312
SIS card power card 8312
SIS system card TRICONEX 8312
Power module 8312
SIS power card 8312
SIS system card 9563

Contact information:

Company Name: Shenzhen Changxin Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

Contact Name: Anne

Telephone: +86 13328779317

WeChat: 13328779317

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