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NI PXI-1031 16 Channel Digital Output Module

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Item NO.: PXI-1031

Product Origin:Japan
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Product details:

NI has a huge user base – in 2004 alone, over 25000 companies worldwide purchased products from NI. The combination of user wisdom and NI’s advanced and high-quality products has created countless successful testing and measurement solutions. With the help of commercial computer platforms, users can obtain the same or better functions as traditional testing and measurement systems at only half or even one tenth of the cost. Comprehensive after-sales service and professional technical support: Now, in China, more and more scientific and engineering technicians are beginning to understand and apply NI products. NI has thousands of users, from well-known mobile phone manufacturers to private enterprises with only three or two members, all of which are actively adopting NI’s testing and measurement technology. The headquarters of the Chinese branch located in Shanghai provides comprehensive and thoughtful sales services, professional technical consultation, after-sales product support, and customer training. You can quickly familiarize yourself with NI’s products and apply them to your work. With the continuous growth of our local user base, we strive to provide more comprehensive services. NI’s measurement boards or modules ensure accuracy indicators, and are accompanied by detailed calibration certificates when leaving the factory, and can be regularly recalibrated. Now, NI China Branch entrusts the national level measurement unit Shanghai Institute of Metrology to provide paid professional verification and calibration services to users in need, issuing calibration certificates to ensure the long-term measurement accuracy of products.

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