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NI SCXI-1100 acquisition card module 32 differential channel voltage input module

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The SCXI-1100 voltage input module can be used with a variety of terminals, including rack-mount thermocouple plugs, screw terminals, BNC connectors, DIN rail mounts, welded pins, and front-mount terminals. The SCXI 1100 can be used with the following NI terminals: SCXI-1300, SCXI-1303, SCXI-1308, BCN-2095, TC-2095, TBX-1303, TBX-96, and SCXI-1310. Some of these terminals have additional functions. For example, one of the features of the SCXI-1310 is an affordable connector and housing assembly. In addition, the BNC-2095 has a pre-wired ground reference. The TC-2095 has an isothermal construction and a switchable ground reference. In addition, the SCXI-1303 has a pluggable ground reference. NI devices measure 1.2 x 6.8 x 8.0 inches. In physical size. Its recommended operating temperature range is 0° to 50° C.SIXI-1100


NI SCXI-1100 (Part number: 776572-00, 181690-01) is a 32 differential channel voltage input module for SCXI. The module is designed for affordable signal conditioning of millivolts, volts and current signals. All channels are multiplexed, multiple gain ranges can be selected, and a 4 Hz low-pass filter with a jumper selectable. These channels are reused in a channel that controls the DAQ instrument. The result is an increase in the number of channels in the DAQ system. Additional shielded terminals with screw terminals are used for simple signal connection to the SCXI 1100 module. In addition, a temperature sensor for cold end compensation of the thermocouple is included on the terminal. The cold-end reference voltage source can be reused with 1100 channels on the NI SCXI-32. Another option is to connect the cold end reference voltage source jumper to a different channel of the data acquisition board. The NI unit is equipped with a 96-pin DIN C male front connector and a 50-pin male cable rear connector. The maximum operating voltage of the DC coupler is ±10 V.N

The SCXI-1100 modules can be used with NI MIO boards and include PC-LPM-16, Lab-LC, Lab-PC+, Lab-PC and Lab-NB. However, these boards can only perform single-channel reading; They can’t scan the module.

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