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NI Voltage Input Module SCXI-1104C 32 Differential Channel

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The NI-DAQ version 6.5.1 (or higher) is the software driver used in running the SCXI-1104C. To install the driver, an Application Development Environment such as LabVIEW, BridgeVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Visual Basic (ComponentWorks), C,C++, VirtualBench, or Measure is required. The device has a 50-pin male ribbon cable back connector and a 96-pin male DIN C front connector.

SCXI-1104C Obsolete Status has been announced by National Instruments, but the module will still be available for purchase and repairs by Apex Waves. The SCXI-1104C can be calibrated. While the recommended calibration period for individual parts varies, most parts should be calibrated annually or biennially to ensure accuracy.


NI Voltage Input Module SCXI-1104C  32 Differential Channel.The National Instruments SCXI-1104C (Part Number: 776572-04C, 183087H-05) Voltage Input Module has 32 differential channels and is created for the signal conditioning of higher voltage signals. This model comes with a 10 kHz cut-off frequency filter. If the user wants to utilize the NI SCXI-1104C in a ribbon-cabled multichassis SCXI system, then they need to use the SCXI-1346 multichasis adapter with it. If the user chooses not to auto-detect the SCXI modules, then they must add the modules individually. This can be accomplished by following the instructions in the user manual.

While utilizing software, the user can arrange pin 1,2, 4, or 19 to link to the analog ground of the Voltage Input Module. The user can utilize the pin that is linked to the analog ground as an analog power ground tie point to the SCXI-1104C. An important fact to remember is that the NI SCXI-1104C analog output is not overvoltage-protected. Therefore, applying external voltages to this output can damage the module. The analog outputs are short-circuit protected though. The device has a recommended warm-up time of 20 minutes and an operating temperature of 0 to 50 °C.

The National Instruments SCXI-1104C module can be calibrated by applying precision voltages to the channel inputs and/or grounding the channel inputs. This module should be recalibrated a minimum of once per year or anytime it is operated outside of the specified temperature range. The NI SCXI-1104C Voltage Input Module can be calibrated with a multiranging 8.5 digital multimeter. The device has a cut-off frequency of 10 kHz. When users complete a measurement with NI Software, the driver automatically uses the calibration constants to adjust the measured voltages to the correct values.

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