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MTL NBB4-12GM60-E3-M single-board calculator

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Supports up to 24 1/0 modules

Residual operation

Extended diagnostics of module and channel state

PROFIBUS network speeds up to 12 Mbaud

Configured non-volatile memory

Configure using the PROFIBUS host

HART pass-through support for monitoring/configuring HART devices


The NBB4-12GM60-E3-Msupports parameterization from the PROFIBUS host. The configuration is created in the PROFIBUS configurator using the details provided in the GSD file. This approach is fast and enables you to build configurations based on “logical” modules that represent physical modules. Modules are added to the configuration one at a time.

The configuration is passed from the PROFIBUS host to the BIM at the beginning of the communication. If the system stops and restarts, or if the node experiences a cold start period, the configuration file is retransferred to the BIM

The BIM must be used in conjunction with the NBB4-12GM60-E3-M residual BIM body described on page 4.


The MTL NBB4-12GM60-E3-M single-board calculator is a specialized device designed for industrial automation and control systems. It combines the functionality of a calculator with the specific requirements of industrial applications, providing high-performance data processing and control capabilities.

Some of the key features of the MTL NBB4-12GM60-E3-M single-board calculator include:

  1. High-Performance Processing: The calculator is equipped with powerful processing capabilities, enabling it to handle complex calculations and control tasks with ease.
  2. Programmable Functionality: It offers programmable options, allowing users to customize the calculator’s functionality according to their specific application requirements. This flexibility ensures that the calculator can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each industrial system.
  3. Communication Interfaces: The MTL NBB4-12GM60-E3-M single-board calculator is equipped with communication interfaces such as Ethernet and RS-485, enabling it to seamlessly integrate with other devices and systems. This allows for data exchange and remote monitoring, enhancing the overall efficiency and controllability of the industrial automation system.
  4. Input and Output Channels: The calculator typically features multiple input and output channels, allowing it to receive and process signals from various sensors and actuators. This enables it to monitor and control various aspects of the industrial process.
  5. Electrical Isolation: The MTL NBB4-12GM60-E3-M single-board calculator also incorporates electrical isolation features, providing enhanced safety and stability by isolating input and output signals.

The application of the MTL 8507-BI-DP single-board calculator is widespread in industrial automation and control systems. It can be used in various scenarios, including monitoring and controlling equipment, sensors, and actuators. Whether it’s managing the flow of materials in a manufacturing line or regulating the temperature in a chemical processing plant, the calculator’s high-performance processing and programmable functionality make it a valuable asset for industrial automation.

Moreover, the MTL 8507-BI-DP single-board calculator’s ability to integrate with other devices and systems through communication interfaces allows for seamless data exchange and remote monitoring. This not only improves the efficiency of the industrial process but also enables operators to have real-time visibility into the system’s status and performance.

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