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MTL5053 Fieldbus digital signal transmission

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Brand: MTL Instruments


Location of fieldbus devices: Zone 0, IIC, T4-6 hazard zone (if properly certified)

Explosion-proof area fieldbus power supply

18.4V ± 2% 105O ±3%

Dc impedance

80mA Maximum current

Maximum cable length

Determined by IS requirements, depending on the other equipment connected and the maximum acceptable voltage drop along the cable

Digital signal transmission

Compatible with 31.25kbit/s fieldbus system, compliant with fieldbus standard †

Power supply voltage: 20 to 35Vdc

LED indicator: Green: One for power indicator

Power requirements, Vs, 80mA output load

135mA (typical value) at 24V, 35V

The time is 105mA

Internal power consumption, 80mA output load

2.3W (typical, 24V) 2.6W (maximum, 35V)

Isolation: 250V AC between the safe and hazardous area circuit and the power supply

Description Terminals 1 and 2:22V, 102O, 216mA; Um = 250V rms or dc18kO

The MTL5053 is a fieldbus driver module with an electrical isolation function that isolates electrical signals between the control circuit and the controlled circuit to prevent potential electrical failure or damage.

Regarding the fieldbus application of the MTL5053, this relates to the field of industrial automation, where devices communicate with each other through the fieldbus to achieve functions such as monitoring, control and data acquisition. By using driver modules such as the MTL5053, reliable communication between different devices can be ensured while protecting devices and systems from potential electrical interference and damage.

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