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MTL 838C High temperature signal isolation controller

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Brand: MTL Instruments

Product number: MTL838C

Product type: Modbus Implementation

The states of up to 32 analog inputs can be transmitted from the danger zone to the save zone

Act as Modbus slave station

The MT838C can be connected to the Modbus host in a number of ways.

There are two different modes of operation: normal and initialization

Modbus allows addresses from 1 to 247

Shipping weight: 2 Kg


The MTL 838C High Temperature Signal Isolation Controller is a high performance control device designed for applications in high temperature environments. The controller has a number of notable features that make it outstanding in a variety of industrial applications.

First, one of its most outstanding characteristics is its ability to operate stably over a wide range of temperatures. This makes MTL 838C ideal for high temperature environments, whether in smelters, chemical plants or other industrial sites that need to withstand extreme temperatures, it can reliably perform signal control and monitoring tasks.

Secondly, the controller has signal isolation function. This function effectively isolates input and output signals and reduces interference and noise between signals, thereby protecting systems and equipment from electrical noise and faults. This is essential to ensure the accuracy and stability of signal transmission, especially in complex and changeable industrial environments.

In addition, the MTL 838C has high-precision signal processing capabilities. It can precisely control and monitor signals to meet a variety of measurement and control needs. This high precision makes the controller excellent in applications that require precise control, such as temperature control, pressure control, etc.

In terms of stability, the MTL 838C also performs well. It uses high-quality materials and advanced design, with good stability and durability. This means that the controller can maintain stable performance even during long periods of operation and harsh environments, ensuring the reliable operation of the system.

Finally, the operation of MTL 838C is relatively straightforward. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive operation make it easy for users to monitor and maintain. This not only reduces the difficulty of operation, but also improves the work efficiency.

Overall, the MTL 838C High temperature signal isolation controller is a powerful, stable and easy to operate control device. It provides reliable signal control and monitoring in high temperature environments for a variety of industrial applications. In terms of performance, stability and ease of operation, the MTL 838C is an excellent product worthy of recommendation.

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