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LAM 810-800081-022 Sensor expansion board

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The LAM 810-800081-022 is a spectrometer module made by LAM Research. It is used in semiconductor manufacturing to measure the composition of materials.

The module consists of a light source, a sample chamber, and a detector. The light source shines light onto the sample, and the detector measures the amount of light that is absorbed or emitted by the sample. The data from the detector can then be used to determine the composition of the sample.

The LAM 810-800081-022 is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications in semiconductor manufacturing, including:

  • Measuring the thickness of thin films
  • Analyzing the composition of dopants
  • Monitoring the cleanliness of surfaces
  • Detecting defects in materials

Main features of MPSII power system

● Adjustable power supply coefficient

The AC input power supply has a flexible, adjustable power coefficient. It is 0.95;

● Power components can be replaced online in redundant configurations

When necessary, you can replace the power block in the system operation (you need to turn off one power supply to ensure personal safety) :

● 2N redundancy configuration can be realized

The power supply block can realize 2N redundancy configuration and share load. Normally, each power supply assumes 50% of the load:

● Can receive a variety of input power

The power system can be directly connected to 120VAC, 240VAC, 125VDC and other external power supplies, and H does not need to pass the switch

Or jumper Settings. 2N In redundancy mode, the two power supplies are isolated from each other.

● Monitoring characteristics of DC bus and power supply status

The DC bus block configured in the power system monitors the DC bus characteristics of the cabinet and detects power faults

Interrupted alarm signal. The power system monitor monitors parameters such as fan and cabinet temperature:

1.3.3 Main structure of MPSIII

The basic structure of the general MPSII includes: power input panel, power mounting rack, block power supply, fan assembly and straight

Flow bus monitoring components, etc., and the power input sill, power block and other components can be selected according to the province

The power structure that drives the user device. The power supply system is installed on the top of the cabinet, and the high-temperature points generated are pushed out of the cabinet.

? Power Entry Panel (PEP) Power Entry Panel (PEP)

The main function of the power input disk PEP is to introduce external power into the system. It includes 12 different models to choose from

Report. The basic installation structure of PEP is the same, but the power mount and external input power it supports will depend on the need

To choose from, this makes up the different models of PEP.

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