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LAM 810-066590-004 PCB board in stock

In stock

General motherboard mainly includes the following parts:
1 CPU socket: socket for installing a CPU.
2 Bus expansion slot: used to expand the functions of the computer slot, generally used to insert video cards, sound cards, network cards and so on.
3 Memory slot: indicates the slot for installing memory.
4 Chipset: An important chip that helps the CPU perform various functions.
5 BIOS chip: The basic input and output system of the computer, which records the most basic information of the computer.
6 Hard disk interface: mainly IDE interface, and FDD interface, CD-ROM interface and hard disk interface is the same.
7 Peripheral interface: mainly includes input/output outlet, USB port, parallel port, serial port, PS/2 port.
8 Power port: Mainly used to supply power to the mainboard.
9 CMOS battery: used to power the BIOS chip so that the information in the base is not lost.
10 Control indicator port: used to connect indicators and switches on the front panel of the chassis.


product feature

Quality construction and materials

Accurate and reliable circuitry

Compact size, light weight

Excellent electrical conductivity

Suitable for high frequency applications

810-066590-004 LAM PCB Board is a high-performance circuit board designed for a variety of electronic applications. It provides a reliable and efficient solution for connecting and controlling electronic components. With its compact size and excellent electrical conductivity, it ensures optimal performance in demanding environments. The board is carefully constructed with high-quality materials and precision circuitry to ensure durability and stability.

810-066590-004 LAM PCB board is a high quality circuit board designed for electronic devices. It provides reliable performance and precise circuitry for seamless connections. Due to its compact design, it is suitable for various electronic devices.

Application field

810-066590-004 LAM PCB boards are widely used in the telecommunications, consumer electronics, automotive and aerospace industries.

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