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The IS230TNDSH2A module is mainly used in the field of industrial automation and control systems. Specifically, as a VersaPAC Pro I/O module, it can connect analog and digital signals to the VersaPAC Pro control system, thus enabling the transmission and processing of signals in various industrial automation and control systems.
As GE Digital’s products and services span multiple sectors, including power, energy, oil and gas, aerospace, healthcare, and more, the IS230TNDSH2A module may also be used in specific applications within these sectors to enable communication and control between devices.
Overall, the IS230TNDSH2A module has a very wide range of applications and can be configured and used according to specific industrial needs and control system requirements.


Product Description
The IS230TNDSH2A is GE Digital’s VersaPAC Pro I/O module designed to connect analog and digital signals to the VersaPAC Pro control system. The module may have the following characteristics:
Number of channels: A certain number of analog input channels, analog output channels, digital input channels, and digital output channels are provided, which may vary by product version.
Resolution: Analog input and output channels may have a resolution of 16 bits to ensure high-precision signal acquisition and output.
Accuracy: The accuracy of the analog signal may reach a certain percentage, such as 0.1%, to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.
Response time: The module may have a fast response time in order to process and transmit signals in a timely manner.
Power requirements: Specific operating voltages and currents are required to ensure the normal operation of the module.
Physical characteristics: including module size, weight, etc., to adapt to different installation and use environment.
In addition, IS230TNDSH2A may have the following characteristics:
Color LCD screen: provides intuitive and friendly operation interface, convenient for users to set parameters and status monitoring.
Electrolyte blank current compensation and equilibrium drift compensation: used to correct the measurement results and improve the accuracy of the measurement.
Large electrolytic current: can quickly reach the balance point and enter the test state, improve the test efficiency.

Product parameter
Number and type of channels:
It provides 64 channels, including 32 analog input channels, 32 analog output channels, 32 digital input channels and 32 digital output channels.
Analog input/output characteristics:
Resolution: Analog input and output have 16-bit resolution.
Accuracy: The accuracy of analog input and output is 0.1%.
Response time: The response time for analog inputs and outputs is 1 millisecond.
Signal types supported:
Supports a variety of analog and digital signal types, including voltage, current, temperature, pressure, and more.
Power Supply and working conditions:
Power supply voltage: 24 VDC.
Working current: 3 A.
Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C.
Physical characteristics:
Dimensions: 233 mm x 180 mm x 64 mm.
Weight: 1.5kg.

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