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489-P5-LO-A20-E Analog Output Relay

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The SR489-P5-LO-A20-E is mainly used in power systems, industrial automation and multi-axis motion control.
Power System: The SR489-P5-LO-A20-E is designed for generator protection and can be used in induction or synchronous generators. It can detect a variety of faults in the power system, such as over current, over load, short circuit, etc., and provide corresponding protection measures to prevent equipment damage or system collapse. In addition, it has event logging and alarm functions for recording events and failures that occur in the system for subsequent analysis and troubleshooting.
Industrial Automation: The SR489-P5-LO-A20-E has field programming capabilities, and the front panel includes a numeric keypad, status indicator, numerical up and down keys, RS232 port interfaces, and control and programming keys, allowing users to control without connecting to an external computer. The backplane includes 12 RTD inputs, 6 output relays, 2 RS485 communication ports, and 4 VT inputs, which make it ideal for industrial automation systems to facilitate remote monitoring and control of equipment.


Product Description
The 489-P5-LO-A20-E is a GE Multilin Relay from GE’s SR family of relays (in the same family as the GE Multilin 469 Motor Protection Relay and the GE Multilin 735 Feeder Protection Relay.)  The 489-P5-LO-A20-E is designed for Generator Protection and can be used for induction or synchronous generators. The unit can be operated at 25, 50 or 60 Hz.

The 489-P5-LO-A20-E is designed with a 40-character display that allows users to view value messages, diagnostics, and setpoints.  The front panel includes a numeric keypad, status indicators, value up and down keys, an RS232 port interface, and control and programming keys including reset, enter, menu, menu up, and menu down keys.   This allows control without connecting to an external computer.

The back panel includes twelve RTD inputs, six output relays, two RS485 communications ports, and four VT inputs.  The RTDs are field programmable. Communication ports can use ModbusRTU or DNP 3.0 protocol (or both) up to 19200 bps.

The back panel of the 489-P5-LO-A20-E also includes four isolated 4-20 mA analog inputs and outputs along with seven assignable digital inputs.  There are seven CT inputs for three-phase output/three-phase neutral and ground current sensing as well as a separate safety and filter ground. All inputs on the 489-P5-LO-A20-E meet SWC, C37.990 EMI, RFI interference immunity.


Product parameter
Communication Ports Parity None, Odd, Even
Harsh Environment Coating Not Available on this Model
High-Set Phase Overcurrent Elements Trip
IRIG-B Amplitude Modulated 2.5 to 6.0 Vpk-pk at 3:1 signal ratio
Low Forward Power Time Delay 0.2 to 120.0 s in steps of 0.1
Phase Overcurrent Voltage Restraint Programmable Fixed Characteristic
Pollution Degree II
Pulse Output Pulse Width 200 to 1000 ms in steps of 1
Tachometer Configurable assignable to Digital Inputs 4 to 7
Weight Approximately 10 lbs.

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