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GE VMIC VMIVME-5576 Reflected memory interface

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The GE VMIC VMIVME-5576 Reflected Memory Interface is a VMEbus board designed to implement reflected memory functionality in VMEbus-based systems. Reflected memory, also known as shared memory by reflection, is a technology that allows two or more computers or systems to access a common memory space without the need for a central controller or switching device.


Here are some key features and benefits of the VMIVME-5576 Reflected Memory Interface:

  1. High-Speed Data Access: The VMIVME-5576 provides high-speed access to shared memory, enabling multiple systems to read and write data in real-time. This is crucial for applications that require low latency and high bandwidth data transfers.

  2. VMEbus Compatibility: The board is designed to be compatible with VMEbus systems, making it easy to integrate into existing hardware architectures.

  3. Dual-Port Memory: The reflected memory system typically consists of dual-port memory modules that allow both local and remote access. The VMIVME-5576 interfaces with these memory modules to provide the necessary functionality.

  4. Scalability: The reflected memory system can be scaled to include multiple boards and memory modules, allowing for increased capacity and bandwidth.

  5. Fault Tolerance: Reflected memory systems are often used in fault-tolerant applications where data redundancy and high availability are critical. The VMIVME-5576 and associated memory modules can be configured to provide fault tolerance and ensure data integrity.

  6. Flexible Configuration: The VMIVME-5576 offers flexible configuration options, including support for different memory sizes and access modes. This allows users to customize the system to meet their specific requirements.

  7. Ease of Integration: The board provides a standard VMEbus interface, making it easy to integrate into existing systems. It also includes the necessary drivers and software support to simplify system development and deployment.

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