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GE IS200ISBEH2A Gas turbine module

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IS200ISBEH2A appears to be a specific product model or code, but is not a widely known universal identifier or standard. To accurately interpret this code, you usually need to check the relevant product manual, data sheet, or the manufacturer’s official website.

However, you can guess from the structure of the code:

IS may represent the identity of a certain product family or manufacturer.

The GE IS200ISBEH2A Gas Turbine Module appears to refer to a gas turbine module model from General Electric (GE). A gas turbine is a device that converts heat generated by the combustion of natural gas or other fuels into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy is usually used to drive a generator to produce electricity.

Because gas turbines are so important in electricity production and other industrial applications, they are often designed and produced by specialized manufacturers, such as General Electric (GE). GE is the world’s leading manufacturer of gas turbines, with a product line that includes a variety of gas turbines in different sizes and configurations to meet a variety of application needs.


IS220PDIOH1A is an I/O package module for Mark VIe Speedtronic systems. Mark VIe was one of the later systems released by General Electric under the name Speedtronic. Speedtronic systems have been used for industrial turbine control since GE released the Mark I in the late 1960s.

The IS220PDIOH1A has two Ethernet ports and its own native processor. It can be used with IS200TDBSH2A and IS200TDBTH2A terminal boards. These I/O packet/terminal board combinations have been approved for use in hazardous locations.

The minimum rated voltage of the IS220P DioH1A is 27.4 VDC. Its rated voltage is 28.0 volts DC. The device and its associated terminal boards have specific field wiring instructions that must be followed, including wire size and screw torque. This information can be found in the General Electric manuals associated with this device, such as the GEH-6725.

The front panel of the IS220PH1A includes LED indicators for two Ethernet ports, device power indicators, and an “Attn” LED. Additional leds are associated with relay connections.

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