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GE Ac-5595-208-350-805595-208n Control board

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Place of Origin US

Brand Name GE

Model Number Ac-5595-208-350-805595-208n

Minimum Order Quantity 1pc

Price $3000

Packaging Details New and original factory

Delivery Time 5-7days

Payment Terms T/T

Supply Ability 9pcs

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The GE AC-5595-208 350-805595-208N Control board seems to be a device related to automated control systems, specifically related to GE brand relay modules. However, because the specific model suffix “N” may indicate a particular configuration or version, I cannot directly provide detailed specifications or features for this particular model control board.

In general, the control board plays a key role in the automation system, responsible for receiving input signals, performing logical operations and decisions, and controlling the output to drive the executive mechanism. In the case of GE ACC-5595-208 series relay modules, they usually have a variety of input and output channels, which can achieve logic control, signal conversion and switching operations.

[Application field]

Automation systems: In automation systems, this module plays an important role in performing programmed control tasks, such as timing control, logic control, and conditional control.

Manufacturing: In manufacturing, AC-5595-208-350-805595-208N can be used to control equipment on production lines to automate manufacturing processes and improve production efficiency.

Building Automation: In buildings, this module is used to control lighting, air conditioning, HVAC systems, etc., for building automation and energy management.

Traffic Signal system: ACC-5595-208-350-805595-208N plays a key role in traffic lights and rail signaling systems to ensure smooth and safe traffic.


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