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GE IC670MDL240K exciter power supply board

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Main technical specification
Input/output capacity: The IC670MDL240K (although this model is usually referred to as a discrete input module, but since we refer to CPU control, we assume that this refers to a related control unit) may be used in conjunction with a discrete input module with 16 input channels (such as the IC670MDL240K) for connecting and monitoring various signal devices.
Signal range: When used in conjunction with the IC670MDL240K discrete input module, the signal range is usually in the 120-0 VAC, 132-47 Hz, accepting the input signal voltage of 63 VAC and the user input current of 15 mA per point.
Power requirements: While the exact value may vary by model and application, the CPU control unit typically needs to receive power from the bus interface unit (BIU) of the host system and provide an external 120 VAC power supply voltage to the input device connected to the discrete input module.
LED Indicators: The control unit may be equipped with LED status indicators that describe the logical 0 and logical 1 status of the input channels, as well as the status of the power received from the backplane.


The GE IC670MDL240K excitation power board is designed for industrial environments and is mainly used to provide and control excitation power to ensure the stable running of devices. The following is a detailed introduction to the GE IC670MDL240K excitation power board:

Basic information
Model: IC670MDL240K
Brand: GE (General Electric)
Function: Provides excitation power to convert the EPDM’s 125 VDC to the required voltage for the control system, such as +5 VDC, +/-15 VDC, and +24 VDC.
Technical specification
Power input: The module is usually designed to receive power input, which can be AC (AC) power or DC (DC) power, depending on the application needs.
Power output: Converts input power to the desired output voltage, current, and power for use by other devices or components.
Component structure: consists of a transformer in a frame and a large inductor (marked Bicron B9309 0912). In addition, there is a smaller inductor (L2) and five transistors with heat sinks.
Front panel: Contains 7 LED lights, labeled P5, P15, N15, P24A, P24B, N24B and P70. The GE identifier and board identification number are displayed on the front panel.

Technical specifications:
Construction: Compact design, the board is mounted on a plastic holder, allowing the PCB to be mounted on the din rail.
Input/output: With ten analog inputs and two analog outputs, the output range can be reconfigured to 0-20mA or 0-200mA current via a jumper.
Connector: Has a single 37-pin connector and a locking fastener (labeled JR1).
Terminal board: Terminal board (TB1) with 48 screw connections, permanently mounted to the circuit board.
Jumper switches: The board has 21 jumper switches (labeled JP1A/ B-JP10A /B(20) plus JP0) for configuring current and voltage.
Cable: The terminal block generally uses shielded twisted pair of #18 AWG wire, screw 43/44 is designated as ground (SCOM) connection.

Application field:
Industrial automation: In industrial automation systems, this input board is an integral part of the precise control of the production process.
Power industry: In electric power generation and distribution systems, it can be used to monitor and control power equipment and electrical parameters, such as generators, transformers, switchgear, etc.
Manufacturing: In the automated production line, the input board can realize the monitoring and control of the production process to ensure the stability and quality of production.
Water and wastewater treatment: In water treatment plants and wastewater treatment facilities, the pad can monitor parameters such as water quality and flow.
Smart building: In smart buildings, it is used to monitor the environmental parameters inside the building, such as temperature, humidity, lighting, etc., for energy conservation and comfort enhancement.
Oil and gas industry: Used to monitor and control various equipment and parameters during oil and gas exploration, production and processing to ensure the stability and safety of the production process.

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