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GE Vmivme-4150 Communication CPU processor module

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The VMIVME-4150 communication CPU processor module is a powerful and stable industrial control component with a wide range of applications covering many industries. Here are some of the main industries that apply:

Energy and power industry: In the field of energy production and power transmission, the VMIVME-4150’s high-precision analog output and flexible channel configuration enable it to precisely control various equipment and systems, ensuring efficient energy production and stable transmission of power.

Industrial Automation and Manufacturing: In automated production lines and manufacturing processes, the module provides precise control signals to ensure the stable operation of production equipment and the improvement of production efficiency. Whether it is the control of the robot arm, the speed regulation of the conveyor belt, or the monitoring of the production process, the VMIVME-4150 can play an important role.


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Product Description:


– Output A maximum of 16 isolated analog outputs

– Resolution 16 bits

– Users can choose the full range: ±10V, ±5V ±2.5V, +2.5V, +5V, +10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 5-25mA

– Isolation: ±1000V

– Load capacity, 20mA, for voltage output in the full ±10V range.

– Voltage output accuracy 0.05

– Current output accuracy 0.08

– The voltage output is protected to ±20 V indefinitely; Transient protection to ±50 V.

– Optical data coupling provides complete electrical isolation.

– Static read-back data registers simplify program control

– The output connection/disconnection operation is controlled by the program.

VMIVME-4150 communication CPU processor module is a high-performance industrial control module, its characteristics are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

High quality analog output: The VMIVME-4150 is a 12-bit analog output board that provides 12 isolated, high quality analog output channels. Each channel is electrically isolated from the others as well as from the VME, ensuring stability and accuracy of the output.
High-precision output capability: The loop output voltage output accuracy of 0.05%, the current loop output accuracy of 0.08%, this high-precision output capability enables the VMIVME-4150 to meet the requirements of high output accuracy application scenarios.
Flexible configuration options: The module provides 4, 8, or 12 channel configurations. Users can select the appropriate number of channels according to actual requirements to achieve flexible hardware configuration.
Complete current isolation: Complete current isolation through optical data coupling enhances system safety and stability.Simplified program control: The static read-back data register can simplify program control, improve the response speed and operation efficiency of the system.

Easy system testing: The VMIVME-4150 provides program-controlled connect/disconnect operation of the field-connected front panel inlet voltage output, which facilitates system testing and commissioning and reduces maintenance costs.
To sum up, VMIVME-4150 communication CPU processor module has a wide range of applications in the field of industrial automation and control due to its characteristics of high precision, high quality, flexible configuration and easy control.


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