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F650-N-F-K-F-2-G-1-HI-6E F650 relay protection device

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Model Number:F650-N-F-K-F-2-G-1-HI-6E F650


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Use and function:
F650-n-f-k-f-2-g-1-hi-6e is a relay protection device of the F650 series, which is mainly used for protection, control and automation of power systems.
The device can monitor the electrical parameters in the power system, such as current, voltage, frequency, etc., and automatically take corresponding measures when detecting abnormal conditions to protect the equipment of the power system.
Main features:
Power system protection: Protect the key equipment in the power system, such as transformers, generators, cables and distribution equipment, to prevent the damage caused by overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and other faults.
Fault detection and location: With advanced fault detection and location functions, it can quickly identify faults occurring in the power system and provide information about the fault location, which helps to timely repair and restore the normal operation of the system.
Current protection function: The ability to monitor the current level in the system and take appropriate measures when abnormal current is found, such as cutting off the faulty circuit, to protect the equipment and system from damage.
Communication interface: Equipped with communication interface, can communicate with other equipment, monitoring system or remote monitoring station, to achieve centralized monitoring and control of the power system, improve the reliability and flexibility of the system.
Event recording and reporting: The ability to record important events in the system and generate reports for subsequent analysis helps to identify and resolve potential problems and improve system stability and reliability.

Other features:
The F650-N-F-K-F-2-G-1-HI-6E may also feature high-performance protection algorithms, a wide range of control functions, and flexible configuration capabilities to adapt to different power system requirements.
It may also have an easy-to-use interface and configuration tools for easy user setup and operation.

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