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ABB XVC770BE101 3BHE021083R0101 Controller Processor unit

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Model Number:UFC762AE101 3BHE006412R0101


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The ABB XVC770BE101 3BHE021083R0101 Controller processor unit is a powerful and highly integrated industrial controller suitable for a wide range of complex industrial automation applications. However, for specific application scenarios and configuration requirements, it is also necessary to select and configure according to actual system design and operating conditions.


product description:

ABB XVC770BE101 3BHE021083R0101 Controller Processor unit is a powerful industrial controller. Designed with ease of installation in mind, the unit measures 8.03 inches in height, 5.99 inches in depth and 2.17 inches in width when installed. These dimensions facilitate its installation and integration throughout the system architecture.

The processor unit supports the ControlST V07.00.00C (Human Machine Interface) or later to facilitate interaction between modules and operators for intuitive system control, monitoring, and configuration. At the same time, it is equipped with 4 GB DDR3-1333 SDRAM memory, which provides ample space for efficient data management, enabling the module to efficiently handle complex control algorithms and calculations.

For communication, the processor unit is equipped with six Ethernet ports, and there is also an Ethernet port on the bottom of the module designed for Predix connectivity, facilitating seamless communication and data exchange between the module and other devices or systems within the network.

In addition, regarding the role of the excitation system, it is mainly to improve the performance of the machinery and the motor through the way of excitation, as well as to accelerate its normal working speed, to ensure that they can provide the best service with high flexibility and accuracy. However, whether the ABB XVC770BE101 3BHE021083R0101 controller processor unit is equipped with or integrated with an excitation system, as well as its specific type and characteristics, requires more detailed product descriptions or contact the manufacturer for consultation.

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Q: Do you provide warranty for the goods?
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A: We have large warehouse for goods. Keep lots of goods in warehouse, so could promise fast delivery.
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A: yes ,they are new and original
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