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ABB PM866AK01 3BSE076939R1 Processor Unit Central Unit

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Item NO.:PM866AK01 3BSE076939R1



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Shipping Port:Xiamen

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product description

The PM866AK01 is an engineering controller from ABB in the PM866/PM866A family. It has powerful functions and flexible configuration, and is widely used in various industrial automation and control systems. The following are the main functions and features of the PM866AK01:

Data processing and editing capabilities: The PM866AK01 is designed to handle the import and editing of engineering data, which makes it a powerful tool that can be used to efficiently enter and manage engineering data.

Multiple communication ports: The controller is equipped with multiple communication ports, including two RJ45 Ethernet ports and two RJ45 serial ports. This allows the PM866AK01 to easily connect to the control network for communication with other devices or systems.

CPU redundancy support: To provide higher availability, the PM866AK01 supports CPU redundancy. This means that in the event of a primary CPU failure, the standby CPU can immediately take over, ensuring continuous operation of the system.

Flexible configuration and expansion: The PM866AK01 supports a modular design that allows users to gradually expand the functionality of the system. In addition, it provides a variety of options and parameter generators for users to configure according to their needs.

Wide range of applications: Due to its powerful functions and flexible configuration, the PM866AK01 is suitable for a variety of industrial automation and control systems, such as power, water treatment, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing and other fields.

Easy installation and maintenance: The PM866AK01 uses a simple DIN rail connection/removal procedure with a unique sliding and locking mechanism that makes installation and maintenance simple and convenient.

Overall, the PM866AK01 is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use engineering controller for a wide range of industrial automation and control systems. Its high performance and reliability make it an ideal choice for industrial applications.


133MHz and 64MB.
Package including:
– PM866A, CPU
– TP830, Baseplate
– TB850, CEX-bus terminator
– TB807, ModuleBus terminator
– TB852, RCU-Link terminator
– Battery for memory backup (4943013-6)
– No license included.


  • Product Type:Central_Unit


  • Product Net Weight:1.1 kg
  • Gross Volume:0 m³
  • Country of Origin:Sweden (SE)
  • Customs Tariff Number:8538900
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