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ABB PFTL101B-5.0kN-3BSE004191R1 weighing sensor

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Manufacturing: PFTL101B-5.0kN-3BSE004191R1 Force measurement in presses, presses and assembly lines

Power: Measures the force in turbines, generators and transformers

Transport: Measures forces in brakes, suspension systems and engines

Oil and gas: Measuring forces in valves, pumps and compressors

Chemicals: PFTL101B-5.0kN-3BSE004191R1 Measures forces in mixers, reactors and mixers

Pharmaceutical: Measuring forces in presses, extruders and filling machines


The ABB PFTL101B-5.0kN-3BSE004191R1 is a tension controller designed for industrial environments with high precision measurement and control capabilities and an excellent level of protection. Here are the details about the product:

Product features:
High precision measurement and control: This tension controller offers high precision measurement and control capabilities up to ±0.5% (battery powered) or ±0.25% (AC220V powered). This high-precision control capability helps to ensure precise control of material tension in industrial production, avoid material breakage or excessive relaxation, and ensure production efficiency and product quality.
Excellent protection level: The protection level of  PFTL101B-5.0kN-3BSE004191R1 has reached IP68, which means that it can operate stably in harsh industrial environments and has good protection against dust and water intrusion. This excellent level of protection allows the tension controller to maintain good performance in wet, dusty environments such as steel mills.

About Q&A

1.Q: How about the warranty ?

   A: Changxin provide 12 months warranty for all the goods from us,and you can

   refund the goods  with any quality problem in 15 days.

2.Q: Other supplier have a better price than yours.

   A: “To create more benefit fir clients”is our belief,if you have a better price,please let 

Changxin know,we will try best to meet your price and support you.

3.Q: We have not cooperation before,how we can believe you ?

A: For our first order,you can pay after we prepare the goods.

4.Q: What about shipment ?

  A: We have DHL,UPS,TNT… with competitive price,of course,

  customers can also use their own freight forwarders.

About Changxin

Changxin has brought together a talented team of professionals with decades of experience

in high-tech distribution,supply chain management,logistics,network technologies,and customer 

care.Not only we sell the products,but also provide a complete set of pre-sale and post-sale

value-added services that enable our customers to maintain low cost of technology ownership and

achieve highest return on investment during full technology products life cycle. 

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