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ABB OP362-LD/W-5200 触摸屏

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ABB OP362-LD/W-5200 touch screen information can be summarized as follows:

1. Product model and brand
Product model: OP362-LD/W-5200
Brand: ABB (or KEBA, according to reference article 2, may be one of ABB’s series or partner brands)
2. Interfaces and features
RJ45 electrical port: 10/100BASE-T(X) rate adaptive, supports full/half duplex mode, and supports automatic port flipping.
100 Mbit/s optical port: 100 Base-FX 100 Mbit/s full duplex, default SC port, FC port, ST port, 120 km transmission.
Console: RS-232 (RJ45 connector).
Alarm output: 1 relay output, current load capacity DC24V/1 A.
3. Power input
Two power inputs: Standard industrial terminals with 4-core removable 7.62mm pitch.
Supports redundant power input: Typical working voltage 12V/24V/48V.
Full load power consumption: less than 12W.


product description:

The OP362-LD/W-5200 is a specific model of touch screen or related device commonly used in industrial automation and control systems. This kind of touch screen device has a wide range of applications in the field of industrial automation, which is used to achieve human-computer interaction and facilitate the operator to monitor and control the equipment and production process.

Specifically, the OP362-LD/W-5200 touch screen has the following features and functions:

High resolution and touch response: provides clear and accurate display while supporting multi-touch for fast and intuitive operation.

Durability and stability: Designed for industrial environments with high dust, water and seismic performance, ensuring stable operation in harsh conditions.

Rich communication interface: OP362-LD/W-5200 supports a variety of communication protocols and interfaces, such as Ethernet, serial port, etc., to facilitate data exchange and instruction transmission with other devices and systems.

Powerful programming and customization functions: OP362-LD/W-5200 supports a variety of programming languages and tools, which is convenient for users to customize the development and configuration according to actual needs.

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