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ABB CI857K01 3BSE018144R1 Controller Processor Module

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Article number CI857K01 3BSE018144R1

Redundancy No

High Integrity No

Clock Frequency 67 Mhz

Performance, 1000 boolean operations 0.18 ms

Performance 0.18 ms

Memory 32 MB

RAM available for application 23.521 MB

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The CPU board contains the microprocessor and RAM memory, real-time clock, LED indicator, initialization button, and CompactFlash interface.

The baseplate of the PM862K01 controller has two RJ45 Ethernet ports (CN1, CN2) and two RJ45 serial ports (COM3, COM4) for connecting to the control network. One of the serial ports (COM3) is the RS-232C port with the modem control signal, while the other port (COM4) is isolated and used to connect to the configuration tool. The controller supports CPU redundancy for higher availability (CPU, CEX bus, communication interface, and S800 I/O). Simple DIN rail connection/removal procedure using unique sliding and locking mechanisms. All substrates are equipped with a unique Ethernet address that provides a hardware identity for each CPU. The address can be found on the Ethernet address label attached to the TP830 substrate.

ABB series Model:


AC800F controller is a controller with fieldbus function launched by ABB in 2000. It has rich fieldbus interface to realize controller redundancy, communication redundancy and power redundancy. The system has matching configuration software CBF, man-machine monitoring software DigiVis and corresponding additional software packages. Ideal for end users and design units to use for their own engineering projects, because there is little secondary development work.

AC800F Primary controller unit model

PM802F 8M

PM803F 16M

Power module model

SA801F 220VAC


SD802F 24VDC


Ethernet module model

EI801F 10BASE-2






Other communication module models


FI820F Serial

FI830F Profibus DP


Software package type

CBF-S Engineering Station Software (Standard Edition)

CBF-P Engineer Station software (with DigiLock, UFB, FDT)

DigiVis C Operator station software Chinese

CombiVis 2-in-1 operator station software

Accessory type

TK807F SA801F Power supply cable

TK802F SD802F Power supply cable

Front panel of AM895F

SB808F RAM Backup battery (for EI8F modules)


AC800M controller is another family of fieldbus controllers launched by ABB in 2002. AC800M has up to 9 kinds of controllers to choose from according to performance. Unlike AC800F, AC800M is only equipped with configuration software CCB, without its own man-machine monitoring software, and third-party software can be used as its man-machine monitoring software.  is therefore more suitable for engineering companies. The AC800M can also achieve controller redundancy, communication redundancy and power redundancy.

AC800M Indicates the model of the primary controller

PM851K01 8M



PM861K01 16M

PM861K02 16M redundancy

PM864K01 32M

PM864K02 32M redundancy

PM865K01 32M High Intergrity

PM865K02 32M redundancy High Intergrity

Other communication module models

CI853 double RS232-C

CI854 Profibus DP

CI855 MB300

CI856 S100 I/O


CI858 DriveBus


Software package type

CCB Engineer Station Software 4.1,Product Box

OPC OPC Server for AC800M License

Accessory type

SB821 External backup battery module

SS823 Power switching unit

TK851V010 Redundant controller cables

The TB852 redundant controller connects to the terminal

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