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ABB 3HNA024871-001 Controller unit

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Model Number: 3HNA024871-001


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product description:

ABB’s 3HNA024871-001 Controller Unit may refer to a certain control unit produced by ABB, but the specific model and name may vary depending on the application field. From what is known, we can assume that this product may be part of ABB’s spraying robot or industrial robot system.

In spraying robot applications, this control unit may be used to precisely control the robot’s movements and spraying process for high-quality painting and spraying applications. It usually allows users to set and adjust spraying parameters, such as spraying speed, spraying pressure, spraying distance, etc., to meet the requirements of the specific application. In addition, the user can also use the corresponding software to program and plan the movement path and action of the robot to complete a specific painting task.

In industrial robot applications, the control unit may have more functions and features, such as sealing control, high-precision monitoring, safety protection, reliability and programmability. These characteristics make ABB’s 3HNA024871-001 Controller Unit have a wide range of applications in the industrial field.

Some benefits of the AC 800M controller are:

• Flexibility, the AC 800M controller can be ordered as a single unit

Can be installed according to customer requirements.

• Minimal footprint.

• Simple DIN rail connection/separation procedure using unique sliders

& Locking mechanism.

Modular, allowing for gradual expansion. You only have to pay for what you want

Currently needed.

• Reliable and simple troubleshooting program.

• Controller redundancy, higher availability (CPU, cex bus, communication

Interface, S800 I/O).

• Built-in redundant Ethernet communication port.

• Built-in RS-232C communication port.

• Low power consumption, no external fan required.

Flexible process connectivity using local I/O or standard fieldbus.

•S800 I/O redundancy.

• Support S800 I/O high integrity (with PM858, PM862, PM865, PM866A,PM867 and PM891).

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