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ABB 3BSE018135R1 CI858K01 module 8 range programmable amplifier

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Features and advantages

DriveBus supports hot swapping
One CI858 can be connected to up to 24 ABB inverters and one AC 800M controller can be connected to up to two CI858s. If the CI858 is connected to multiple ABB converters, a branch unit NDBU is required, enabling the construction of a logical bus with a physical star topology. Branched units may be chain-like.
The DriveBus protocol is used to communicate with ABB drives and ABB special I/O units. DriveBus connects to the controller via the CI858 communication interface unit. The DriveBus interface is used for communication between ABB Drives and AC 800M controllers.

DriveBus communication is designed for segment drive applications in ABB mill drive systems and ABB paper machine control systems. The CI858 is powered by the processor unit via the CEX bus, so no additional external power is required.


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