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Yokogawa ATA4S-00 Input/Output card

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The ATA4S-00 supports a variety of communication protocols, including Ethernet, IP, and TCP/IP. It also has a number of features that make it suitable for use in demanding industrial environments, such as:

  • High availability: The ATA4S-00 is designed to be highly available, with redundant hardware and software components. This ensures that the router can continue to operate even if one of its components fails.
  • Security: The ATA4S-00 supports a number of security features, such as encryption and authentication. This helps to protect the DCS system from unauthorized access.
  • Scalability: The ATA4S-00 can be scaled to meet the needs of different DCS systems. This means that it can be used in small systems with just a few devices, as well as in large systems with thousands of devices.

The ATA4S-00 is a high precision pressure sensor terminal block manufactured by Yokogawa. Designed for complex automation systems, it is suitable for the transmission of analog signals and supports 16 channels. This terminal block complies with the ISA standard G3 option, which means that it has a specific industrial automation interface standard.

The product does not have a built-in surge absorber, so the “-00” at the end of the model number means it does not include this feature. In industrial environments, surge protectors are used to prevent equipment damage due to power surges or electrical interference.


ATA4S-00 CPU processor module. A small control group consisting of functional blocks and inputs/outputs will be described in the control chart. ATA4S-00 CPU processor module by setting the process
The backup control is unified into a control chart, which simplifies engineering and maintenance work. The ATA4S-00 CPU processor module monitors the entire plant or each process can also be specified as a control chart instead of referring to
Define a single process unit or function between different devices.
ATA4S-00 CPU processor module The following describes the characteristics of the control chart:
Connecting I/O and control blocks By connecting lines between I/O and function blocks or between function blocks, data flow definitions can be visualized.
1, Define the order of control block implementation You can determine the implementation priority or execution order in several functional blocks described in the control chart.
2, Mixing of adjustment control and sequence control Adjustment control and sequence control can be mixed in the control chart. The control function can be flexibly configured according to process requirements.
3, the free signal flow between the control charts belongs to the function block of different control charts can be connected to another control chart
The connection between the ATA4S-00 I/O module and the field device can be made in three ways:
ATA4S-00 CPU module signal cable connection, pressure clamp terminal connection and MIL cable connection. ATA4S-00 For signal cable connections, the signal cable is used for the through end
The sub-board or relay board is connected to the field device. The signal cable interface adapter is structurally integrated with the ATA4S-00 I/0 module. By selecting the 1/0 module and the signal cable respectively
Item code that prevents incorrect type of I/0 module insertion. For pressure clamp terminal connections, field devices can be connected directly to the I/0 module.
Yokogawa ATA4S-00 I/O modules are available in two types of pressure clamp terminals: a single configuration type and a double redundancy configuration type. I/0 modules can be at the end
Double redundancy is implemented on the block.
Customer-supplied MIL cables can be connected directly to I/0 modules without the need for terminals. To prevent the MIL cable from disconnecting from the I/O module, the cable connector covers (SCCC01 and SCCC02) can be used with MIL cable.

ADV561 Digital Input module (24V DC), 64 channels
ADR541 Relay output module (24~ 110V DC/100~ 240V AC), 16 channels
ADV859 Digital input/output module ST2 compatible module (isolated channel), 16 input /16 output
ADV159 Digital input module ST3 compatible module (isolated channel), 32 channels
ADV559 Digital output module ST4 compatible module (isolated channel), 32 channels
ADV869 digital input/output module ST5 compatible module (sharing negative side per 16 channels), 32 input /32 output
ADV851 digital input/Output module (output noise, 24VDC), 16 channels
ADV169 Digital input module ST6 compatible module (sharing negative side per 16 channels), 64 channels
ADV569 digital output module ST7 compatible module (sharing negative side per 16 channels), 64 channels
ASI133-S analog current input module (4~ 20MA, isolated), 8 channels
ASI133-H analog current input module (4~ 20MA, isolated), 8 channels
AS1533-S analog current output module (4~ 20MA, isolated), 8 channels

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