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YOKOGAWA VI451-10 communication module in stock

In stock

The technical parameters of VI451-10 are as follows:

Input signal type: analog signal, digital signal, pulse signal
Sampling rate: 1 Hz to 100 kHz
Accuracy: ± 0.01%FS
Reliability: MTTF > 100,000 hours
The method of use is as follows:

Plug the VI451-10 into the CENTUM CS3000 control system.
AIP830-111 is configured in the CENTUM CS3000 control system.
Start collecting and analyzing signals.
The VI451-10 is a powerful, high-performance analytical input module that meets the needs of a wide range of industrial applications.


Product Description:

The YOKOGAWA VI451-10 communication module is a versatile and reliable module designed for industrial applications. It provides advanced measurement and control capabilities that make it suitable for a wide range of industries and processes.

The VI451-10 module has the following functions:

High-precision data acquisition: The VI451-10 module supports a variety of signal types, including analog, digital and pulse. It has an accuracy of up to 16 bits to meet a variety of application requirements.
Fast response time: The VI451-10 module has a fast response time to ensure data accuracy.
Compact and easy to install: The VI451-10 module is compact and easy to install in a variety of industrial environments.
The VI451-10 module can be used in a variety of industrial applications, including:

Process control: The VI451-10 module can be used to capture and control various process variables, such as temperature, pressure and flow.
Data acquisition: The VI451-10 module can be used to collect a variety of data, such as production data, quality data and environmental data.
Remote control: The VI451-10 module can be used to remotely control various devices, such as robots and valves.
The VI451-10 module is a powerful module to meet the needs of a wide range of industrial applications. Its high precision, fast response time and compact structure ensure reliable operation in industrial environments

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